Principles of Courageous Police Leadership

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Courageous police leaders…

  • always demonstrate and demand integrity
  • stay focused on liberty, civility, and public safety
  • never let feelings redefine facts
  • encourage vigilance, professionalism, and cooperation
  • communicate to eliminate misunderstanding
  • anticipate — and continually challenge assumptionsand the status quo
  • inspire others to lead courageously

Principles That Matter

Based on decades of policing experience and years of research, we’ve developed a core set of principles that can help courageous leaders avoid the pitfalls and met the difficult challenges of policing right now.

These principles can be used by everyone in law enforcement from rookies to chiefs and sheriffs—and everyone in between.

Instead of separating the ranks (like most approaches to leadership), these principles provide common ground. They define what every law enforcement professional should expect of their leaders and themselves.